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AASCALF’s purpose is to provide more personalized care to seniors in an environment that feels as if they were in their own home.

Our ranch-style home is designed for intimacy, accessibility, and privacy for those who require help with but still want to feel like they are at home rather than in a larger facility. The open concept of the main area of the home is based on the feeling of family. The hope is that those living in the home feel supported not only by the caregivers but each other (just like family).

What Makes Us Different?

Family Owned & Operated

The care of our residents is more than a job for us. When someone moves into our home, we are taking them into our lives.

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Just Like Home

Your loved one has lived their lives in a home-like environment. At AASC, each resident feel like they are a part of a family.

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Aging in Place

When a resident moves into our home, our goal is to let them age in place. This is more than just a bullet point on our brochure.

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We moved my mother into AASC on December 2, 2019. When I first walked in, a family member of another resident told my my mother was going to love it there. That was an understatement. The whole staff is loving and caring and amazing. The director, Vicky, is friendly, efficient, warm, and very accessible. She responds to my texts usually within minutes. The place is very clean. I brought wipes to wipe down shelves before placing my mother’s belongings, and it was already spotless, not even a speck of dust. I speak to my mother daily, and she tells me everyday how happy she is living there. Her only complaint is that they eat dinner too early, but it’s worth it to be there. I live in NJ, so it is such a load off my shoulders knowing that my mother is in such a great place.

Ronnie Thompson

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